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Young Professionals Council

The Young Professionals Council consists of young, bright minds across the globe, working in transfusion medicine and under 40 years of age. The council's purpose is to engage and enrich Young Transfusion Medicine Professionals, with the aim of increasing ISBT membership value and active participation in the Society's activities. The council will seek to increase existing opportunities for this younger audience and stimulate active participation in the educational events offered by ISBT. 

The Council will meet annually and in person, once per year at the ISBT international or Regional congress. Other meetings as required will take place by teleconference. Furthermore they will maintain communication with the ISBT board, the Standing committee of the ISBT Academy and the ISBT Central Office, to ensure that the needs of the young professionals’ community are met. It also aims to influence the strategic direction of ISBT in relation to young professionals and their career development.

Young Professionals in Toronto

Chairperson Satyam Arora

Representing the South East Asia region

Satyam Arora is MD in Transfusion Medicine from Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India. He is presently working as an Assistant Professor at the Transfusion Medicine Department at the Super Speciality Paediatric Hospital and Post Graduate Teaching Institute (SSPH & PGTI) in Noida, India. He received the prestigious Harold Gunson Fellowship award of the ISBT in 2012 and the Transfusion-Transmitted Infectious Diseases (TTID) Working Party Travel Award in 2014. Satyam is currently an observer member of TTID working party of ISBT and of the Blood and Marrow Transplant Centre, Department of Hematology and Oncology at Taussing Cancer Centre in Cleveland Clinic, USA. He is member of the Early Stage Professional (ESP) Committee of International Society of Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT) as well as Junior Associate Editor with their bi-monthly newsletter "TELEGRAFT". He is also a member of AABB, AATM and ISTM. His area of interest are TTID, Cellular Therapy and Paediatric Transfusion Practices.

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Secretary Tyler Hutchinson

Representing the Americas region

Tyler Hutchinson is from the United States and specializes in blood group and hemoglobinopathy genotyping. He graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Genetics and from Johns Hopkins University with an M.S. in Biotechnology. He has made many contributions to the transfusion community in identifying polymorphisms affecting antigen expression and has been integral in bringing several diagnostic tests to market. Tyler is currently a Senior Development Scientist with Immucor’s molecular division and is responsible for product support, data analytics, and new product development. 

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Young Council Member Yanli Ji

Representing the West Pacific region

Yanli Ji got her PhD degree in 2008 from Sun Yat-Sen University in China. She then worked in the Institute of Clinical Blood Transfusion in Guangzhou Blood Center, focusing on the research of RBC blood group genotyping and its application in the Chinese population. From 2010 to 2011 she was a visiting scholar at Sanquin Research in Amsterdam. In 2018 she became a new member of the Red Cell Immunogenetics and Blood Group Terminology (RCIBGT) working party of ISBT. The routine "Asia type" DEL testing using the established HRM genotyping method is carried out in her lab to avoid unnecessary anti-D prophylaxis for "Asia type" DEL pregnant women. 

Watch Yanli's introduction video here.

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Young Council Member John-Paul Tung

Representing the West Pacific region

John-Paul Tung is a senior research fellow at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, where he leads a team of three research assistants, two research nurses, six PhD students and a masters student. He also holds affiliations with the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and the Critical Care Research Group at the Prince Charles Hospital. His research is focused on better understanding the effects and possible negative outcomes associated with transfusion, especially of stored blood products. A particular focus is on transfusion-related acute lung injury, or TRALI, with his doctoral thesis describing the development of the first large animal model of TRALI, using sheep.

Watch John-Paul's introduction video here.

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Young Council Member Sophie Uyoga

Representing the Africa region

Sophie is trained as a biochemist in Kenya, who specialized in Immunology and later obtained a PhD from the University of Heidelberg. She is based at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research programme in Kilifi, Kenya where she investigates how human genetics influences susceptibility to severe malaria. Her work focuses on red blood cell genetic polymorphisms namely hemoglobin S, alpha thalassemia, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and blood group antigens.

She also explores the effect of co-inheritance on protection afforded against severe malaria and other infectious diseases. A Mid-Career research fellowship awarded by the Initiative to Develop African Research Leaders (IDeAL) has enabled Sophie to pursue another area of interest. She will be investigating the mechanisms behind the development and treatment of severe anemia with focus on the quality of donor blood on recovery from severe anemia and survival post-transfusion. She envisions that the study findings will inform future strategies to ensure efficient provision of services by blood transfusion services and policy makers in Africa. 

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Young Council Member Cécile Toly Ndour

Representing the Europe region

After a PharmD, a medical biologist degree, and a PhD in Immunology, Cécile became interested in perinatal Immunohematology. Since 2012, she has been working in the laboratory of the French National Reference Center, in Perinatal Hemobiology (CNRHP). In close cooperation with the clinical entity of the center, she is performing the follow-up of pregnancies complicated by anti-red blood cells allo-immunization, and is managing fetuses and newborns suffering from severe hemolytic disease. Furthermore she is participating in the development of new biological assays, within the field of maternal, fetal or neonatal hemobiology, in different epidemiological studies about maternal immunization and fetal/neonatal hemolytic disease and in education units on immunohematology or perinatal hemobiology. I am also co-chairing a working group within the French Society for Blood transfusion about fetomaternal anti-red blood cells immunization and I applied to be part of the ISBT Immunohematology Working Party.

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Young Council Member Arwa Al-Riyami

Representing the Eastern Mediterranean region

Arwa Al-Riyami is a Senior Consultant Hematopathologist working at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) in Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman. She obtained her Bachelor in Health Sciences (BS.c) and M.D degrees from the Sultan Qaboos University in 2005. She did her residency in Hematopathology at the University of British Columbia in Canada and obtained the fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (FRCPc) in 2011. Arwa has an interest in transfusion medicine and blood banking, medical education, medical research and quality. She chairs the SQUH Blood Transfusion Committee and Blood Donation Committee and is a member of the National Transfusion Committee at the Ministry of Health. She is the Program Director for the Hematopathology Residency Program at the Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB). She also serves as a member of the Hospital Board of SQUH and the Executive Board of OMSB. She is interested in transfusion research and serves an editorial board member for the Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal. She is actively involved in the Hospital accreditation and strategic planning and in the accreditation of residency and fellowship programs at the OMSB. Arwa is a member of many international organizations including the ISBT, AABB, CSTM and ISLH. She is a member of the ISBT Clinical Transfusion and Transfusion Transmitted Infectious Diseases working parties.

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